A special note:  During the 9/11 tragedy, VMAT teams were deployed to New York to assist the Search and Rescue Dogs.
To see photos of the 2011 tribute, go to Team Photos

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American Veterinary Medical Association

American Veterinary
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Team members in Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina

Veterinary Medical Assistance Team 2

VMAT-2 is based in Maryland, though members reside around the country. The team consists of 50 highly trained members which include veterinarians, technicians, and support personnel. Our team carries all necessary supplies, medical equipment, tents, and enough food and water to sustain the team members for at least 72 hours. Our mission is to support the local veterinary community in whatever way necessary to help it to resume its normal support of the community. VMAT-2 has the capability of setting up a full field hospital, and can provide medical care for pets, search and rescue dogs, livestock, wildlife and even zoo animals if the need arises. We may also be activated to assist with food safety concerns, zoonotic disease, terrorist events and toxicological problems.

VMATs are available to assist the USDA in the control, treatment, and eradication of animal disease outbreaks. VMATs must receive an invitation from the affected state in order to be deployed. The local governor may make a disaster declaration and submit a request for assistance.  It is at this point that a request for VMAT assistance can be made. If a state requests a VMAT, they will need to fund the response.


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